Janet Bralove's training will benefit over 20 teachers 
from seven different schools.
Volunteer teacher-trainer, Janet Bralove, introducing Montessori techniques to the Bal Kendra children and teachers.
Maida McKenna, a long-time volunteer teacher-trainer, modeling reading methods for the teachers at the Lalitpur School.

Our five-year strategic plan is a focus on teacher training. Using volunteer teachers directly in the classroom, along with introducing computer technology with early learning software, we're implementing curriculum to better help our Nepali students grasp the basics of English language.

In our four affiliate schools, English is the main curriculum language. Though children pick up language skills quickly at a young age, it's still very difficult for them to comprehend what they read in English. Critical thinking skills for reading are especially important at this early stage, rather than the rote memorization that's been common practice in Nepali schools.    

Our goal is to introduce a solid program of teacher oriented and computer technology literacy skills to greatly improve the knowledge of English language for our young readers.  Though a second language for Nepali students, English is the language of global communication and vitally important for their future.  The greater a student's command of English, the greater chance she has of finding a decent paying job once out of school. 

The results of our recent literacy projects have been quite successful, not only for the 120 girls directly sponsored by HIO, but for several hundred other students who are a part of our broad literacy network in our affiliate schools.