HIO students who currently attend college or entering soon, at a meeting for prospective WEDU mentoring program candidates.

Wedu is an award-winning social enterprise that unlocks the leadership potential of women in Asia by providing inspiring mentorship and affordable financial support to complete higher education and become change-makers in their communities. We call them ‘Rising Stars’. We envision a world where people from all corners of the world have the tools to change their lives and the society of their home country by being leaders of their own development. 

HIO sisters, Shristi & Sujata Tamang, with their new solar light

Empower Generation seeds and supports women-led enterprises serving the energy poor.  We envision a world where women lead the clean energy revolution, reducing deforestation and the use of fossil fuels.  The EmpowerGrid, a network of rural entrepreneurs, enables clean energy technology suppliers access to remote markets where their products are in highest demand.



Shreejana Basnet's
mother bringing home
an Adara donated
50lb bag of rice.
Nepali staff salaries and medical/dental

2014 Intel volunteer Ved, instructing Dipshika

The 2015 Nepal, Intel Education
Service Corp team.
As a valued partner, the Ross Foundation has in the past, supported a rural women's literacy project, the Maitra Griha home for disabled children and currently, the construction of a new elementary school building.

      Through its skill-based IESC volunteer education program, Intel has sent volunteer engineer /educators to Nepal to our partner schools for two weeks in 2014 and 2015.  The teams tirelessly installed new computer labs, and worked with students and teachers to implement innovative, Waterford early learning software.

Generous grants from the Adara Group over the past several years have funded our Nepali staff salaries, contributed to medical & dental costs for all HIO sponsored girls and provided family relief for much needed food, clothing and shelter.

TheAdara Development's objective is to work side by side with communities and children in remote areas in Nepal and Uganda, improving their lives through health, education and other community development projects.

The Adara Group aims to change the way people think about the role of business, and the power of business/non-profit partnerships. The Adara Group is an early example of a 'business for purpose' partnering with a non-profit foundation. The Adara team is delighted that after 15 years we are still providing services to more than 30,000 people in poverty each year since 1998.

        Waterford Institute

Our Waterford Partners were instrumental in connecting us with Intel, and have been supportive in every step of the Latipur computer project.

Waterford Early Learning is designed to help all children   build the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

With classrooms becoming more diverse every year, Waterford Early Learning individualizes three years of complete reading, math, and science to meet each child’s unique learning needs.

Waterford Institute is a nonprofit research center that creates personalized, cloud-based instruction for children age Pre-K to 2nd grade. As a nonprofit, Waterford is uniquely focused on providing accessibility, equity and excellence for our youngest learners to position them for a lifetime of learning and success.

INTEL'S VISION:   This decade we will create and extend computing technology to connect 

and enrich the life of every person on earth.


The Ross Foundation Mission is to support organizations that serve vulnerable children. Throughout the United States and around the world, no child should be left behind. They are all entitled to a healthy, safe and moral start to life and a successful passage into adulthood.

For more than 30 years, the

Foundation has funded carefully

selected grant requests that assist

vulnerable children in the

United States and across the globe.