HIO Board Member Maida McKenna is a 40 year veteran teacher trainer guiding our literacy component.

We have a small dedicated Nepali staff: Ram Adhikari and Palmo Tamang, who tirelessly crisscross the city making home and school visits daily.

After monitoring the progress of our HIO girls over 25 years, our program of close caring, individual support has resulted in a 98% success rate for student retention.

Most importantly, we want our HIO girls and young women to avoid repeating the cycle of poverty and illiteracy faced by their mothers, who never had the chance to go to school.

​• Our strength lies in building strong, lasting relationships with our families, children and affiliate schools.

By actively partnering with families and schools, we encourage our girls to remain in school, avoiding early marriage and pregnancy, or dropping out to haul bricks on a construction site for less than a dollar a day.

The results of our recent literacy projects have been dramatic and successful, not only for the 150 HIO girls directly sponsored, but for thousands of other students who are a part of our broad literacy network.

HIO is a literacy network to encourage formal and non-formal education for girls and young women in inner-city Kathmandu.

We individually sponsor the education of 150 girls as day students in four partner schools.


A project grant to alleviate poverty and create self-reliance for the poor, illiterate mothers of our HIO sponsored girls.


We fund two small Montessori oriented preschools for poor neighborhood children, many of whom are girls.


 Our strategic plan is focused on teacher training and improving the quality of education at our partner schools. We’ve introduced innovative computer initiatives which use early childhood learning software to greatly enhance English language, math and science skills.